April 9, 2010

Magical photos capture the first moments of life....

It has been a good week for eggs... as long as they have been chocolate ones!! I hope you all had a great Easter. I am just sorry that for us down here, winter is fast approaching and a current cold snap and the darker evenings since daylight saving finished have meant I am dragging out stored winter clothes, down quilts, and actually turning on heaters and electric blankets... sigh. However, I am still pleased that spring is well under way for all those of you "up there", as it feels like you have had a very long winter!
I love these photos of different birds and a tortoise appearing from their eggs.... well worth a look :)


  1. Even in Hawkes Bay 'up North' we had a few horrible days although we are back in shorts in an Indian Summer this weekend. It doesn't stop the nights being clear and cold though and the electric blanket is now back in use. I'm almost looking forward to my Scottish summer (which will not be that much warmer than the Hawkes Bay winter.


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