April 6, 2010

Service Dogs for Iraq and returning soldiers.....

Stephen Crowley/The New York Times

The dogs learn to fetch, turn lights on and off and even dial 911.

Stephen Crowley/The New York Times

At the Mid-Orange Correctional Facility in Warwick, N.Y., service dogs share a room with the prisoners who help train them.

I always appreciate reading about the way dogs can be used to help people in need. We all know about Guide Dogs, and the increasing numbers of dogs trained to help in areas such as epilepsy dogs, those that are ears for the deaf, and those used for security in the police, or detection of explosives, smuggled food and drugs at borders.
Today I read two articles about how dogs are helping with the troops in Iraq and soldiers returning home.

This one deals with "Post Traumatic Stress Disorder", which causes a range of problems, particularly symptoms like anxiety, depression and inability to leave the house. Many people returning from Iraq and Afghanistan have developed the disorder.

"In dozens of interviews, veterans and their therapists reported drastic reductions in P.T.S.D. symptoms and in reliance on medication after receiving a service dog."
I particularly like the fact that many of these dogs are being trained by prisoners as part of the "Puppies Behind Bars" program.

The other article covered an explosive detection dog...
Everywhere I look these days I am hearing about IED's or improvised explosive devices, so I was pleased to read that there are now a number of dogs working to detect these. This article features the dog, Chocolat, being used to detect the materials used to create these in the local shops.... saving the lives of many soldiers.

I will try to embed the video below ....
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  1. Yes. A world without dogs would be a sadder and less safe place.


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