April 7, 2010

Tina Humphrey - Dressage for Dogs

Some things just bring tears to my eyes.... and after years doing dog obedience and watching my daughter do dressage with her horse, seeing the two combined was fascinating.
If you want to see more, do go and follow this up on youtube as there are lots more of this pair in action.
If you have never watched freestyle horse dressage... then watch this astounding pair in action - sadly, this beautiful dancing mare, who was retired in 2009, broke her leg recently and has been put to sleep. RIP Blue Hors Matine.


  1. Kia ora. Amazing what these animals can do. I love the horses. When I was young 2 of my friends were rideing and I watched them riding and jumping in the manage, which was of course not as spectecular as this.

  2. So sad...I love watching horse "dancing" and dressage...and the jumps...what talent she has. Thanks for the link.

  3. Just returned from watching Tina and that magnificent blue merle pup...wow...


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