May 14, 2010

Barely There 2010 - NZ Vet Students celebrate Half Way Day in style

Trainee vet students haven't changed much since I did it... at Massey there are plenty of time honoured traditions to mark the passing of the five years.... in my memory most were associated with eating and drinking, copiously!
The acknolwedgement of the half way point now involves a bonding trip away for the third year class... and for a number of years, fundraising for it has involved the production of a nude calendar... quite probably a success because the larger half of the class is now female, compared to the mainly male class when I was there. Anyway, this year, they are donating some fo the funds to Paw Justice
"Paw Justice is an organization that was formed to help deal with the problems of animal abuse and neglect, which has grown at an alarming rate which is stretching the resources of all animal welfare agencies. We have taken upon ourselves to fight for your animal's rights. We love and appreciate the work that is done by all animal shelters but even they could not forsee the rapid increase in animal abuse within our society.

This is why Paw Justice was created, as we believe that there is no excuse for this shocking behavior.
Paw justice is for YOUR pet, this is YOUR campaign to give YOUR pet a voice. "

You can pre order your tasteful nude black and white calendar for just $10 NZ ...
Want a preview? OK then....

I am quite sad my class didn't have this way tradtion way back then... when we were young enough to look ok doing it !

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  1. My! There are certainly some good looking vets in your country!

  2. Please don't leave this on so many days. In the world we're living in this isn't funny! Get back
    to the good stories you do so well!


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