May 27, 2010

Brutality and abuse of helpless dairy cows - sickening, cruel and totally unacceptable...

I know what I would like to do to the men filmed in this video posted below - you don't have to watch it, and if you do, please be warned - it made me cry and recoil in horror. I put it here because I want to add my voice to the message that creulty to animals is happening on a large scale on many farms all over the world...

Captured on hidden camera, the shocking scenes of abuse reveal a culture of cruelty at Conklin Dairy Farms in Plain City, Ohio.

During a four-week investigation between April and May, MFA's investigator documented farm workers:

Violently punching young calves in the face, body slamming them to the ground, and pulling and throwing them by their ears
Routinely using pitchforks to stab cows in the face, legs and stomach
Kicking "downed" cows (those too injured to stand) in the face and neck – abuse carried out and encouraged by the farm's owner
Maliciously beating restrained cows in the face with crowbars – some attacks involving over 40 blows to the head
Twisting cows' tails until the bones snapped
Punching cows' udders
Bragging about stabbing, dragging, shooting, breaking bones, and beating cows and calves to death
After viewing the footage, Dr. Bernard Rollin, distinguished professor of animal science at Colorado State University, stated: "This is probably the most gratuitous, sustained, sadistic animal abuse I have ever seen. The video depicts calculated, deliberate cruelty, based not on momentary rage but on taking pleasure through causing pain to cows and calves who are defenseless."

Immediately upon completion of the investigation, Mercy For Animals contacted the City Prosecutor's Office of Marysville regarding the ongoing pattern of abuse at Conklin Dairy Farms. MFA is pushing for employees of the facility to be criminally prosecuted for violating Ohio's animal cruelty laws.

The deplorable conditions uncovered at Conklin Dairy Farms highlight the reality that animal agriculture is incapable of self-regulation and that meaningful federal and state laws must be implemented and strengthened to prevent egregious cruelty to farmed animals.
Although many of the abuses documented at Conklin Dairy Farms are sadistic in nature, numerous MFA undercover investigations at dairy farms, pig farms, egg farms, hatcheries and slaughterhouses have revealed that violence and abuse to farmed animals – whether malicious or institutionalized – runs rampant nationwide.

Compassionate consumers can end their direct financial support of farmed animal abuse by rejecting dairy, and other animal products, and adopting a vegan diet.

Viewer diecretion is advised.


  1. OMG that made me sick to my stomach, I have never seen such a thing. I simply cannot understand how anybody could do such a thing :-(

  2. Fi - I couldn't watch it love, but from your description I am disgusted that anyone who calls themselves a human being and a friend or neighbour to anyone else, could do this sort of thing to any living being. How do they treat their children I wonder .... sickening! x


  4. 向著星球長驅直進的人,反比踟躕在峽路上的人,更容易達到目的。..................................................

  5. thats why I am a vegetarian...and we never eat a pet we name nor give it to anyone who would...I once had pigs who died old age...but were loved dearly by the entire family...and there is nothing sweeter than the face of cow...I couldn't watch this, but I support your efforts, whole heartedly...

  6. Anyone who treats an animal in such a manner - and most especially an animal that is generally docile, and also providing us with something wonderful - should be jailed for life. I'm entirely serious. There is no excuse for such behavior, and I fear little that can be done to eradicate the mental imbalance that it takes to make someone behave so hideously. Since I do not favor putting anyone to death, life imprisonment is the option. Horrible, horrible people.

  7. i'd kill him myself if i got the chance


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