May 11, 2010

Wilf and Digby discover France: There will be laughter and mischief in heaven tonight.

Today my thoughts are in France. A lovely dog, a Polish Lowland called Digby, has lost a valiant battle against an infection caught from a tick. He leaves a brother Wilf, and you can read about them at
Thoughts are with Angus and his wfe today.
You can read more about this problem:

We do not have the disease in New Zealand, for which I am so grateful, but I have felt the frustration of their battle, and felt so helpless. I wanted to see him win. My own dog, Saffy, was affected with Auto Immune Haemolytic Anaemia three years ago and underwent a similar battle to Digby, but his problem was worse. Saff survived inteneive care from our wonderful clinic - with blood transusions from the dogs of two friends, and endless drugs and i/v fluids and today she seems perfectly normal, despite strong drugs that suppress her immune system!

Anyway - I think many pet owners understimate the issues from ticks - and people visiting areas in Europe can be unaware of the disease (and it is in America). In some countries, including Autralia, there is also the tick paralysis -

RIP Digby xxx

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  1. That is so sad. It seems the tick problem is getting worse all over the world.


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