June 1, 2010

Boy sees burglar kill dog

So sad - a brave dog, Troy, killed defending his home and family...

Just glad the boy was alright ...
I know we feel safer owning our dogs, possibly a false sense of security, but if nothing else they are an early warning system when intruders do arrive, and our neighbours and friends and the postman...

I certainly sleep better owning dogs I have been known to say I will not replace my two when they go. If my quality of sleep suffers when we donpt have them, I might have to reconsider that!

Meanwhile - RIP Troy and sad thoughts for the family.

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  1. Such a sad story and one we can all too easily relate to. Yes, they're great guard dogs but they'll also put their life on the line. Hope the young lad gets over it - a real double trauma for him.

  2. Sad ........ :-(

    I can't imagine you without doggies. You may reconsider in the future. I loved Sam's company when Mark was away repping. Made the girls and I feel much safer :-)

  3. You often have postings which make me wonder about people. I'm generally a very positive person but sometimes I despair!

  4. Actually, the saddest part is that I have since heard that police forensics are investigating this as they suspect the boy killed the dog himself - have not ehard the outcome of the investigation, but somehow that makes it even worse :(


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