July 29, 2010

Je reviens

Sorry. The urge to write has not been strong lately. It is now 6 weeks since the accident... things still seem overwhelming, particularly the paperwork and red tape, and there are still times when I find it difficult to focus on what I am doing, or even to care if i do it.. There are so many questions still unanswered, and perhaps that is how they will remain. We just don't know. I think the nightmares have been the worst part...but these too will pass.... and the weird feeling of being in a dream.

We have had school holidays here recently - mid winter and dreary weather.  However, we had already been booked to visit Auckland and see the family and then attend a conference, so we had a sunny week in the big smoke with the girls .

It was warm and sunny and we had six days of lovely weather - and wait for it - NO RAIN - which is pretty rare in Auckland.
We did lots of beaches....

and shopping and ice cream....

 We did the volcano at Devonport

All in all - a welcome break and a lovely time..
Thanks to everyone for all your lovely messages... the flowers were wonderful too...



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