July 29, 2010

Je reviens

Sorry. The urge to write has not been strong lately. It is now 6 weeks since the accident... things still seem overwhelming, particularly the paperwork and red tape, and there are still times when I find it difficult to focus on what I am doing, or even to care if i do it.. There are so many questions still unanswered, and perhaps that is how they will remain. We just don't know. I think the nightmares have been the worst part...but these too will pass.... and the weird feeling of being in a dream.

We have had school holidays here recently - mid winter and dreary weather.  However, we had already been booked to visit Auckland and see the family and then attend a conference, so we had a sunny week in the big smoke with the girls .

It was warm and sunny and we had six days of lovely weather - and wait for it - NO RAIN - which is pretty rare in Auckland.
We did lots of beaches....

and shopping and ice cream....

 We did the volcano at Devonport

All in all - a welcome break and a lovely time..
Thanks to everyone for all your lovely messages... the flowers were wonderful too...



  1. Lovely photographs Fi. Hope things settle down a bit for you all soon.....keep smiling. Lots of love. xxx

  2. Sending love and thoughts from Portland xx

  3. Yay!
    I have missed your posts.
    It was lovely to share the holidays with you. Hope the term progresses well, and we will see you in the next break! xx

  4. It certainly takes time to get back into the swing of things after something traumatic happens. Nice photos.


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