August 17, 2010

Dogs Wiping Their Bums

Scooting... set to one of my favourite pieces, Bach's Cello Suite 1: Prelude - a lovely piece, think Master and Commander theme. Possibly a little ruined forever by the theme of the images!
If your dog does this you are probably amused - or irritated when they leave brown smears on the floor! However, you really need to get it checked as it most often caused by inflammation, infection, or impaction of the anal sacs.
Of course, it might be fleas, or tapeworm segments, or an inflamed bowel, or a tumour..... but worth getting it checked :)

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  1. Bwahahahahahah, rofl, so cute, yet completely gorss inside, eeewww out would come the janola!!!

  2. I'm afraid to say one of my dogs does do this, Sparky. She doesn't do it often and I haven't noticed any brown marks on the floor but I'll keep my eye on it. Thanks for the tip.

    CJ xx


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