August 26, 2010

Stags can and do swim!

This stag was seen swimming in the Marlborough Sounds of New Zealand.... about a km off shore and apparently the Department of Conservation says these deer often swim out to islands in the Queen Charlotte Sound.
You learn something new everyday...

Thinking of swimming, it has also been announced today that a dam in Central Otago won't be going ahead here because of "Gollum"... not the Lord do the RIngs version, but a rare indigenous fish..

The Gollum galaxiid's official name is Galaxias gollumoides. The fish is ranked as "nationally vulnerable" by the Department of Conservation. Pretty powerful fish to stop all the plans!

Go here to see a pic of Gollum :)

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  1. I've heard of it between Scarba and Jura off the ewst coast of Scotland but never ever seen a photo of it.Brilliant!


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