September 23, 2010

And still they come......

Thurs morning 23rd Sept
Three weeks on Saturday since the first quake.... and just in case you think it should be all settled down and is over with, then this snapshot taken of the last 24 hours should show you things are not yet all calm and peaceful. The fat red line at the bottom is the nice 4.5 we just had.
Better - yes. There are fewer quakes overall and far fewer adrenaline moments... but over?... apparently not.

On a very happy note, today is my last day at work before the school holidays - yeah. Phoebe's family are coming down to see us all and escape the current high winds of Auckland for some rock and rolling.
Probably are not a lot of people racing to stay here in Christchurch at the moment, unless they are structural engineers and seismologists - I know some people are here to help from other parts of NZ, and apparently American engineers are over here to study our liquefaction. Nice to be famous for something I guess!



  1. Are you guys getting any sleep yet? Any big aftershock is always big news up here now. Glad to see they are spreading out some more.
    Can't wait to see you both. (Still waiting for the gales to calm down. Met service tells me the weekend is not so windy. Cross fingers for a smooth take off LOL)

  2. Sleep much better - we were so exhausted for a while it was just as well there was no big one as I am not sure we would have been capable of getting up... in fact the bigger shock this week hit at 12.30 am when we were asleep, and Scott grabbed me, announced it was an earthquake, held me close while we waited out the turbulence and rumbles and we both fell asleep immediately - no thought of safe places or door frames...and he remembered nothing in the morning lol -

    Quite glad I am not flying today - but meant to be settled by Sunday :) so have a smooth trip !
    Did the surgery happen?


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