September 12, 2010

Arch 12.9.49 - 14.6.10

Today would have been Arch's birthday.  A day when usually the children would have gone to see him and celebrated it. A day filled with many memories for us all.

The car is still on the mountain; the inquest delayed until it is all sorted. Paper work arrives and nice people call us and lawyers and accountants sort things out... it is a long, slow process.

We are no clearer to knowing what happened than we were at the time; perhaps we never will be, but we would like to particularly thank the Ashburton police, Dave Wilson and the staff from Mt Hutt and the team from Search and Rescue for all they did during the night when it was realised he was missing. Also the great kindness of all those from St Peter's church and Academy Funeral Services.

After a particularly upsetting letter in the paper implying that Arch had not been wearing a seatbelt, we have been reassured by the police and the coroner that he definitely was. It is still done up, in the car, down in the gully. He was thrown clear by the fact that the seat broke and lay flat, allowing him to be later thrown out of the back as the car somersaulted. As we have often found the reaction to the accident started with the presumption it was his fault, we would really like to set the record straight on this.

I have been trying to sort through his papers this week; the earthquake kept me at home and it gave me something to do. So many photos, memories, smiles, tears.... I know that Sharon is missing him terribly and I know today will be hard for her too.

I put a few of my favourite pictures on a slideshow to capture some memories - his past, hobbies and legacies.
You can click on it to see them on Picasa too.

RIP Arch. 61 years young today.


  1. My love to you and the kids on this day xoxoxo

  2. What a beautiful post Fi. Lots of love to you


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