September 20, 2010

Christchurch Quake Live

An interesting view of the latest quakes - taken a snapshot of this mornings feed - as you can see we had a nice big one last night that woke us up, but overall they have been far less frequent. So good to get more sleep!

Click on this link to get the latest picture.

Snapshot of Monday 20th 
I can't get over how many brick buildings downtown are affected - there are huge fences around most of them - across half the road. Many are places we just take for granted that are just old, not the main stone heritage sites. However, they do add a flavour to the city that will forever be lost.  I am just so glad that there was no one in them when the quake hit - judging by the damage they are showing, the overall injury rate to people would certainly have been much higher.

Most of New Zealand has been hit by a recent storm sitting to the lower part of New Zealand... apparently it is the size of Australia! Everywhere that is except Canterbury; Mother Nature spared us this one... or more accurately, the Southern Alps deflected the gusty Westerly winds.
So, while we had a mild and warm weekend, gardening and waterblasting and sitting in the sun, the far north had high winds and rain and massive power outages... the far south had very heavy snow with buildings collapsing under the weight. Pictures here

At least it is Spring - yes - it is September and the snow is out of season!
Hopefully things will improve soon :)


  1. The size of Australia ? Guess nature is just bigger where you are. Todays post could have been entitled it never rains but ...

  2. So true Angus!
    Been a rough few weeks for the whole country :(


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