September 8, 2010

Christchurch Quake Map

You need to click on the link to play the sequence.
Watch all the quakes in time order!


  1. Our thoughts are with you all.

  2. That is serious stuff. Are you getting any rest?

  3. Thank you Merinz :)

    Sleep? Patchy Angus... I think the whole city is twitchy, even if they are apparently untouched in their housing (chimney has finally cracked here today) - we all react to any sound - trucks sound like the first rumbles, and any swaying makes us all tense! Knowing there is still likely to be at least a 6 to come does not help.

    I get a couple of hours nap between events - but it is not enough.. if it is not shakes, it is dog stress, or perhaps just plain old anxiety -

    Work is closed now until Monday - to students at least - we still have to go in and clean up at some stage. I have also postponed a major assessment - will have to hold it next term - we are in no state to mark it and students in no state to study.... the best news is the term ends at the end of next week for me :) three weeks with no students - and some leave...

  4. I'm devastated of what happened in the south island


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