September 11, 2010

Christchurch returns - photos of the city

The city has reopened and pictures of our favourite places are reappearing... can't wait to get back into town!
Great to see so many places are just fine and although a few of the older brick buildings have gone - plenty of the solid stone and modern, well built places are ok.

I have put a slideshow here for you - and you can click on any photo below to go to the web album of photos taken around town this week and today :)
The title of this post is also a direct link to the web album. will play automatically for you.


  1. Cool post. It is nice to see that some of ChCh is still very beautiful and whole.
    I just read your last post. What a day. I imagine it was very hard to be normal, when everything around you and in your head is not. I'm glad you did some gardening, pretty good therapy I reckon.
    You have had a very tough winter Fi........I hope summer is awesome! Bring on the sun and its healing properties. xx

  2. Can't wait to go into the city either. I already checked out the Art Centre my favourite pleace which is in a reasonable state.We got many clients in last week, some slept in the car some stayed in a welfare centre many were anxious and I wanted to hug them all. I love your reporting and hope I can check out the poems. I can't see the pictures because my kids used up all the internet in the last week. They don't go to school until tuesday and because their building is in the city they want to relocate them for 2 weeks.
    Take care marja

  3. Good to see what's left and how quickly normality can begin to reassert itself. What a week you've had!

  4. I am glad I didn't know what 2010 had in store for us all Jaz! The stress has taken it's toll, but still functioning ... just fuzzy and short fused;) Scott has been wearing it... and causing some of it lol

    Thanks Marja - great relif to see the Arts Centre in such good shape
    and Angus - just wish that the 50:50 chance we still have of a 6.1 would be over with. Still functioning in management for it.
    We all have rituals now - torch, phone, clothes, blankets ready to hand by the bed. Bath full and spare water stored. Spare batteries... battery radio, cooker/gas and lighter nearby, bag with torch and food and water to carry everywhere.... car with water, blanket, bucket, torch, spare clothes. Some even have a boot full of food and bedding. Just not quite sure what to take to office next week, but there is plenty of food stored up there... and might take water.
    And I take coats and warm clothes around too!

  5. It's good to see so many buildings I know are still ok.


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