September 17, 2010

Earthquake aftershock damage continues

Truck weight meets aftershock  ! Fri pm 17th
Says it all really! 

Christchurch from space - so beautiful :)


  1. My goodness! I hadn't stopped by here for a few days, and I guess I wasn't paying enough attention to news reports and such, so I had no idea. I'll say a prayer as soon as this posts.

  2. ka kite ano wow that's a big hole. I drove through riccarton road today Doesn't look there either. Love the cartoon. I am more tense with the aftershocks than the first one. Take care

  3. That's a great photo from space. Cannot believe you're still having to suffer these aftershocks.

  4. We have been thinking of you all from up here in the Bay of Plenty.

    My husband has had the call to come down to Christchurch to help with building repair cost estimates. Probably next week. Somany people waiting for progress and to be able to get on with their lives.

  5. Amazing how Dilbert can be so accurate and funny at the same time. We continue to think of you.

  6. The hole in the ground was over in St ALbans St Marja... the truck went over the mains pipe as an aftershock hit - created a huge water leak and left locals with no water again for 8 hours,.

    Angus, there have been over 700 aftershocks... amazingly nothing major since 10.30 last night - so feeling far more human for a full nights sleep :)
    Merinz - great news - so many people's lives are on hold while they wait for people to assess the damages. :(
    See you soon Jaz...

    and thanks Jim - prayers are always appreciated:)

    Now off to read about Huskies :)

  7. Today going to Melbourne for 4 days, was planned months ago, but just burning to get away for a break from the aftershocks, sleep in a bed that won't shake and recover my normal anti-nervous disposition, that seems to have gone out the window since Sept 4th.


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