September 8, 2010

Major Aftershock hits Canterbury

Shaky morning

LATEST: The most strongly felt and damaging aftershock since Saturday's major earthquake has hit Canterbury this morning, causing fresh damage to buildings, affecting power, and sending residents out into the streets.
The magnitude 5.1 aftershock - initially believed to be as powerful as 6.1 - hit Canterbury at 7.49am at a depth of 6km in the Lyttelton area. It was preceded by a 4.1 magnitude shock and followed by a 3.8.
It is the latest in a series of more than 100 aftershocks which have rocked Canterbury since Saturday's destructive 7.1 earthquake.
People rushed from hotels and inner city businesses, and power was out in parts of Christchurch.
Was due to leave for work - just packing my boiled water and food but after the quake I spoke to a colleague I was due to meet at work - she says there are car pile ups and traffic lights out - the road moved and cars lost control. We hear it was vertical this time - sharp and shallow. She has returned home to further house damage.

Staying home - roads are wet and I want chaos to settle....and so don't want to face a fourth floor of work to tidy up right now. Might try again later.

They have closed the Lyttleton tunnel - the shake came from a  new area over at Diamond Harbour... apparently there was a rock fall before the quake - so luckily it was not in use during bigger shake.

So tired - 12 shocks overnight - dog stressed and waking me up.

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