September 7, 2010

The new faultline no one knew about - Christchurch Earthquake


  1. Glad to know that you're safe. I see that 100,000 out of Christchurchs 160,000 buildings have been damaged. What are they doing to house people?

  2. Most are with friends and family; the rest are in the special welfare centres around the city. Only those with truly uninhabitable properties are being evacuated - many people are living in cracked or sunken or distorted homes. Some are being told to expect many weeks of waiting for repairs. Not helping their nerves in the stronger aftershocks.

  3. Glad to read your first hand accounts, so glad your ok. Take care, its not over just yet! In Fact it will take a very long time.
    There must be lots of animals who are also traumatized and lost.

  4. It is absolutely horrendous and I was totally devaastated for the people when I heard. Stay safe.

    CJ xx


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