September 17, 2010

Overnight aftershock swarm for Canterbury

Canterbury is still being subjected to a flurry of seismic activity nearly a fortnight after the 7.1-magnitude earthquake struck, with a swarm of shallow aftershocks hitting the region overnight.
Nine aftershocks have struck since 9pm, with six hitting the region within a one-hour period from 10.28pm.
Two of the shallowest aftershocks struck at just 3km deep, with one felt in Christchurch at 11.23pm and another in Darfield at 12.08am.
The strongest shocks overnight were recorded at 4.4-magnitude, GNS Science reported.

That flurry of red was how Canterbury tried to sleep last night.
All I can say it that after a long and tiring night I feel quite ill to be honest.  Sleep deprivation and anxiety are great ways to undermine people. The big one right in the middle hit while we were still up with our evening class - tears and shaky hands a typical reaction.

Thankfully, today is the end of term for one of my day classes... we will be winding up what uis usually a fun morning with lunch out - in a local place that was still standing when I checked earlier in the week. Fingers crossed it still is as the relentless shakes are slowly eroding the buildings.... and by the sound of it a few tempers.
I suspect we will be very tired, but glad to get away and spend time together.

I have discovered a new blog...
This post brought tears to my eyes - which in our shaken and exhausted state might be easier than usual, but definitely worth a look :) She can go on my blog roll!

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  1. I've not been able to pay the same attention over the last few days because of travelling and so on. But now that I've caught up I am finding that I feel a really emotional empathy with those of you whom I know are suffering as well as those whom I don't know.


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