September 14, 2010

Peaceful, Easy Feeling

Early Monday this week

Tuesday evening 14th (today)
It has been peaceful today. Or at least this afternoon. A great feeling - but still, the aftershocks continue, catching us unawares.. sometimes noticed, other times not. Depends a lot where it was centred and what you are doing at the time. Most of them are below 4, but the occasional 4-4.5 quivers your nerves all over again as the house creaks and rolls around you. For me, the hardest bit is the waking up, wondering why I am awake, then realising when checking the quake drums in the morning that it was usually after a decent shake. But that is life.

This week, it has been shattering to see usually staunch and capable people so anxious, tired and unfocused.  These are people who have not lost their homes or contents, but are still on edge; concerned about possible outcomes, keeping working when tired, checking for hidden damage to their homes and businesses. As one said, they had trouble stringing a sentence together, let alone work.

Many people feel like this and it is no wonder that the counselling services are overstretched. So many have lost homes and livelihoods: the anxiety and grief are overwhelming them.

At least it is great to see the city returning to life. Meetings about saving heritage buildings are underway, aid is flowing in, schools have returned. Hotels and motels and restaurants are open. Tourists are returning.
Many things have changed forever. But the people are rallying and "one eyed Cantabrians" are supporting each other through it all.

Now I wonder if the snow sweeping the country is going to reach us!


  1. Amazed that it's taking this long for the aftershocks to calm down. That is one hell of a faultline. Having experience a mere week of it in Italy, during which time the robbers came out, we stand in awe. Are you getting any solid sleep?

  2. Hi Angus. No, solid sleep is rare. Often jerked awake to a shake - and other times woken but not sure why...all drained and tired.

    Just been listening to this from the Geonet Scientist interviewed on the our local radio station this morning. Very interesting.

  3. i would be anxious too and would not even dare sleep for fear of another big jolt! take care, ok?


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