September 9, 2010

Rainbow over Christchurch

Tonight we crossed southern parts of the city as we returned from seeing my parents; some areas closed for demolition of old buildings. Against the rubble strewn buildings, the colours of a double rainbow arching upwards seemed like a little ray of promise, backlit by a darkening sky.

Most of the inner city is under curfew so we stopped for dinner on the outskirts at a local historic pub that had survived the shakes.... all very cosy.  The low level anxiety at finding ourselves in the inner part of an old brick building, far away from an exit that could only be reached through a lot of people( fellow idiots),  was alleviated by a restorative Pinot and some good food .... till a sharp jolt shook us and the candelabras swayed. Like seasoned troopers we stayed put, waiting to see if it was going to grow worse. Interestingly no-one "dropped and covered". After it had settled, as the glass beds of the chandelier swung, I looked around again; more specifically upwards. The room was surrounded by a high shelf filled with bottles, pictures and memorabilia. Perched carefully right over our table, a mere metre above us, was a historic rusty iron! Feels good to be home safe now!

This picture from the earthquake collection at  Stuff's web site really makes me appreciate how much the land has moved...This is taken not far north of where we live - heading to the badly hit Kaiapoi area - near Woodford Glen. It is the main trunk railway line north.

Hi ho - back to work tomorrow - try again to tidy the paperwork We have a lot of shelves with a lot of books and boxes and papers.. suspect many of them will be earthed now. The mess I don't mind; the thought of being four storeys up and using lifts will be the biggest challenge.

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  1. Let's hope the rainbow is a sign that this is near an end. It must be at the stage where you are all washed out and exhausted.


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