September 22, 2010

Tornado, high winds and snow hit New Zealand

Everywhere except Canterbury... just some snow in the outlying areas...
Only fair when we get all the moving and shaking I guess.
I am very sad so many new born lambs have died because the snow has been so heavy down south and that the buildings are collapsing under the weight of it all. Also that there is so much destructive wind and power outages in the North too. We might be busy coping with the destruction of the earthquake here, but we are not immune to the problems in the rest of the country.
Certainly an interesting start to Spring! Can't believe daylight saving starts this weekend!!!!


  1. I've already commented that it never rains but it pours. It must be a nightmare for those who lost their homes in the quake.

  2. The people who lost their homes are still having a rough time - some areas still have no sewage, power or water and may not for up to a year. Hoping they can be rehomed soon.
    The only bright spot Angus is the storm appears to be every part of the country except us... which may well just be a nice feature of our geography, but is a welcome respite from Mother Nature, and God, for those that believe :)

  3. Being so far away at the moment and still 'on holiday' from my Hebridean home as well, I find the news through your blog and friends back in NZ so depressing and upsetting. I keep hoping that every time I get and email or read the news or a blog that things will get better. Soon. Surely they must.....


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