October 19, 2010

Approaching 2000 quakes.... will this set a record?

15 quakes today....
Still seeing a lot of nervous reactions from people, but life is generally continuing around them.  We parked under a condemned building last night, wondering if our car would be safe until we returned, then sat and watched a concert in an old building that has sloping floors ( pre-earthquake apparently), but appears to have withstood events so far.  You do find yourself looking for exits and planning escapes, which is inevitable under the circumstances I guess.

The quakes seem to move all over the city depending on which fault line goes off (did I mention we seem to have two?). A few of the recent ones have sent objects tumbling off shelves but I managed to miss feeling some of them because I have been driving. This morning we got two in quick succession and the classroom, fourth floor, earthquake proofed, rubber foundations or whatever, swayed nicely.

As of 11.47pm on 18th of October we have had 1993 recorded "shakes".... so sometime soon we can celebrate 2000.
You can check the tally on the bottom of this site, popular with Christchurch people, and see the pattern of the aftershocks.

All quakes since sept 4
Snapshot of afteshocks up to 18.10.10

Over the weekend we drove round town, weaving our way though the barriers reducing the traffic to single lanes, assuming you can pass the road at all. There are huge gaps where many buildings have already been removed or major repairs are underway.. and in others, time has stood still; roofs lying collapsed into shops, verandahs piled up outside, bricks scattered. A wasteland, waiting for decisions, insurance claims, heritage orders... the surrounding businesses appearing shut, losing income, struggling to survive.

The church steeple has been lifted off and is standing next to the church....

So Christchurch is still bruised. Visitors often miss the extent of the damage because so many parts appear  normal, but the damage is there and the costs are huge; financially and emotionally.

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  1. We did it... In fact it is 2001.. One shake, 2000 aftershocks


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