October 29, 2010

Fireworks - Some good advice for those of us with scared pets

Remember, remember the Fifth of November
It is fireworks time again in New Zealand, and many other countries. Yesterday, my vet clinic, who have a great website, reprinted their article on fireworks and it caught my eye as I have been thinking about how to help Jessie through the next weeks without Saffy for company when the rockets start flying.
You can read it in full here, as well as see more of their webpage and read all about Dog Appeasing Pheremone.
They have given me permission to quote some of it on the blog.


by Gina Cameron, VN
(Appeared in Spring 2009 Newsletter)
Fireworks time is coming up and for many pets and owners this is a very stressful time of the year. Dogs that have firework phobia show signs of fear in response to the sight and sound of fireworks. Some are only mildly distressed while others suffer severe anxiety or sheer terror.

Signs you may see your dog displaying are panting, trembling, cowering, hiding, vocalizing, destructiveness, salivation, attention seeking, urination and defecation.

As much as you may want to cuddle and comfort your dog this only reinforces the message that the dog has something to be frightened about. Do not punish your dog either. There are several things that you can do to reduce the dogs’ fear of fireworks:
  1. Make sure that your dog has a good long walk during the day. Before it gets dark take your dog outside to go to the toilet, then inside and close all the doors and windows to minimize the noise.
  2. Close the curtains or blinds early and turn on the lights. You can turn on the TV or radio for some background noise.
  3. Feed your dog its evening meal an hour before the event. You can add some cooked chicken and white rice for extra carbohydrate. This is to fill the dog up and make it feel sleepier.
  4. Provide your dog with a ‘safe’ place like a crate or its usual bed and blanket.
  5. Give your dog a distraction like a Kong or its favourite toy.
  6. Do make sure your dog is kept in a safe and in a secure environment at all times, so that it does not bolt and escape if a sudden noise occurs.
  7. Stay calm and go about your normal routine.
  8. Use Dog Appeasing Pheromone (DAP) spray or diffuser plug in.

Note to self.... Must get more DAP for the diffuser...we have plenty in spray form for her bandana, but not a lot for the room left.
Now where did I put that DVD of fireworks noise we got to desensitize her...and keep forgetting to use!!!

Safe Guy Fawkes for you and your pets....


  1. mmmmm Some good idea.

    Mark and I have never had fireworks, because of the cats and any nieghbouring animals. We both love to watch them but also not so keen on having trips to A&E. A flyer caught our eye this week. Orewa is holding a volunteer fire-service display this weekend, so we will be dragging along the picnic blanket and fish and chips to watch. A much better idea!!

    I hope Jess copes ok xx

  2. Good one I remeber when we had fireworks on New years eve in holland and how the animals in peoples houses crept in a corner they were so scared


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