October 21, 2010

Pets Help People Feel Loved

Beagle dogs
DECREASING STRESS: Pets help children and adults feel secure and unconditionally loved.

This something that the veterinary world is increasingly aware of - the importance of fur babies and the impact on people of losing them too.  
Most families report they value their pets most at times of crisis. Pets provide emotional support that makes it easier to cope and recover from stressful events.
In the middle of a crisis, one's usual supports may be preoccupied or distressed themselves. The bonds people have with their pets offer comfort, affection, and a sense of security at these times.
I have heard from many of the people I have seen since the earthquake that the children, particularly, have turned to their pets for comfort, with the usual rules about where the pet sleeps being relaxed somewhat.

Our  next decent earthquake two days ago was terrifying for many people and has stretched some already frayed nerves - I can see depression and anxiety and stress increasing dramatically at a time when we are already trying to assess our students,so the anxiety levels are climbing for everyone. One student had a panic attack on returning to the classroom the day after and we had three quakes during the morning classes too...  I know I feel like I am permanently wired on caffeine and not sleeping well. The adrenaline levels are taking a while to resettle.

This video is worth a look - helps explain why it is affecting so many people...

I miss my blonde bombshell at home. I wonder if it is why I feel more anxious this week!  Jessie comes and washes my face when I cry and she is "here", but it just isn't quite the same, much as I do love her.  However, many of you might remember when I mentioned a fellow blogger in France, Angus, who lost his dog Digby to tick problems earlier this year, and is now about to lose their lovely Wilf to cancer.  You can find Angus and WIlf here....  http://wilfanddigby.blogspot.com/
My thoughts are with you - losing both dogs in quick succession is just unimaginably sad and sends me off to give Jess a cuddle whenever I think of it.


  1. Thank you so much for leaving a comment on my blog, its is so lovely to know that there are kind peeps out there like you! I am so glad you did drop by too, because I have have come to your blog and it is wonderful! I so agree, My dogs are a constant source of love in my life, and I for them I hope! I love them too much I think! I also know what you mean about losing a dog, it hurts so much, and even though I have two dogs left, it isn't quite the same without Archie. They all have such wonderful unique personalities, one could never replace another! Anyway, thank you for popping by! Susie xx

  2. I forgot to say, some of my blog stress at the moment is maybe due to missing my dog Archie. It is now over three months, and I still am bursting into tears, and just can't seem to get over him at all. I am trying to hide it now, as I think that George thinks I am bonkers! This is the price we pay for loving them! X

  3. Sigh... it has only been three weeks for me and I was gutted today to see a Goldie running in the park. How sad that you lost such a lovely dog that was so special to you - don't feel bad that you still miss him - grief takes its own time.


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