October 10, 2010

Saffy 2000-2010

Sorry, but blogging has not been a high priority recently... I guess 2010 will be remembered for the many occasions when we got hit with events that made it feel like the world had stopped for a while. The dawn arrival in June of the police at the door announcing Arch's sudden and tragic death and more recently, a morning phone call to share the scary news that Phoebe's mum had been diagnosed with a possible brain tumour. ( you can read some more follow up on that here).

As we coped with all of this we had another rude dawn awakening to a 7.1 earthquake and since then 1500 aftershocks which still rumble away regularly, even another 5.0 last week, .... and finally, last Saturday, the sudden death of our beautiful Saffy. She is back home now; ashes in a tasteful wooden box... on the windowsill of our bedroom, near her bed. We have shed many tears. The house seems so empty without the blonde bombshell and we particularly miss her wrinkly smile as she greeted us when we came home. It took me many mornings to realise I didn't need to straighten her bed in the morning or my partner to realise he didn't have to walk round her in the dark... . Jessie is quiet, but is finally eating again, tempted by meaty foods and cat biscuits.

My friend is going to buy me a rose in a pot ( yellow of course) so I can put her ashes in it and remember her each year when it blooms....

Meanwhile, I have been finally been able to look through all the photos and remember her in pictures. A very small consolation.... these things take time; lots of time.
Miss you Saff xxxx


  1. Goodness, we are just so heartbroken to hear this news. What you've been through this year , first Arch, then earthquake and the lingering aftershocks and now this. The idea of a yellow rose is sweet . You're in our thoughts. We know only too well how quiet a home is when a trusted companion leaves.

  2. We are so sorry for the loss of Saffy. The pictorial tribute was beautiful.

  3. We saw your comment on Wilf's blog -- and it sounded as though you too were experiencing sad times -- and now we see that is so true. Saffy was a beautiful girl -- and we can only imagine how deafening the silence she has left must be.

    Please accept our heartfelt condolences from across the world.

    Joan -- and Jake and Just Harry

  4. I don't know how long I have sat by the computer having read and watched this post but no amount of time will enable me to find adequate words for your year. I truly hope that things will improve for you and yours from here on.

  5. Gosh Fi I am so so sorry! I havent kept up with blogging I just read on Wilfs blog about yr loss! So sad and things can only get better Hang in there!

  6. :-( so sorry to hear of yet another thing this year to induce tears in your life. Thank goodness we humans have been given the gift of memory - so that we can remember the good precious and beautiful times alongside the sad painful and horrid ones....
    Sending love from across the world.


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