October 19, 2010

Severe aftershock hits Christchurch - national | Stuff.co.nz

Christ Church Cathedral quakeSevere aftershock hits Christchurch

BREAKING NEWS: Another severe aftershock has rattled Canterbury this morning.
Reports were coming in that power was out to some parts of the city, and that cell networks were overloaded.
The magnitude of the quake, which hit at about 11.30am, has not yet been reported by GNS sciences.
Four other quakes have hit this morning. A 4.0 magnitude quake struck at 10.54am, 20km south-west of Christchurch.
A 3.3 quake hit 10km west of Kaiapoi at 9.43am, a 2.8 hit 10km east of Darfield at 7.48am, and another 2.8 hit 10km south of Christchurch at 3.19am.
Fiona Fidow at the Cupcake Collection in Westfields Mall, Riccarton said it was the second biggest shock they had felt since the original quake.
"This was very loud, very strong shaking.  All our china is smashed in our kiosk. The mall alarms are going off and the mall has been evacuated. Quite a few people are crying and hysterial. There are a lot of frightened people."
Resident Jordan Hornblow said the shock knocked all his plates all over in the kitchen.
"It gave [me] one hell of a fright while trying to study," Hornblow said.
Christchurch resident Sean Scanlon said it felt like it was well over magnitude five.
"The house was rattling and books fell off the shelves."
His wife, Lucy Scanlon, had been forced to take cover on her desk at work in central Christchurch.
Felt like the first one - fourth floor rattling and definite fear....
Can't believe it is only a 5!!!!!!


  1. Oh heavens, Fiona. I've not been commenting on your recent posts because each one becomes more and more incredible and difficult to understand particularly from the other side of the world. I really feel for you. By the end of the month it will not just be a reminder every time I read your blog and Facebook entries but a 'reality' as I see it daily on the news when I return to my New Zealand life.

  2. Thanks GB... I have been quiet about the earthquakes for a while because we all feel like we are getting repetitive... But when it is so ongoing and real, felt I should mention it again. You would think after so many aftershocks we would all be used to it but we aren't and there is still a lot of fear around. All so unpredictable, and you feel so helpless. Hopefully Napier will be more peaceful :)


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