October 19, 2010

Shaken and stirred | Stuff.co.nz

This is a wonderful article on life post earthquake and the changes it has created, regardless of whether we had any damage to our homes.
Worth a read for a smile :)

Life for Cantabrians has changed dramatically since the earthquake, even for those with little property damage. By Amanda Cropp.
After the 7.1 magnitude shake that shook Christchurch six weeks ago, my 14-year-old son has decreed we should henceforth refer to events as occurring BQ (before quake) or AQ (after quake).
Religious folk, like those who recently left a seashell inscribed with a crucifix in our letterbox or the Jehovah's Witnesses who turned up on the doorstep under the guise of seeing if I was "all right after the earthquake", will probably stick with BC (before Christ) and AD when it comes to cataloging events.
But I quite like the notion of BQ and AQ because, make no mistake, even for those of us with little or no property damage, life in Christchurch has changed since we were rudely awakened on September 4.
AQ we have become au fait with a whole new lexicon of earthquake-related jargon, such as liquefaction. The term refers to the sand volcanoes that erupted messily in certain areas, but liquefaction could just as well apply to the uncomfortable feeling that assails the bowels immediately after a particularly sharp aftershock.
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