October 28, 2010

Woman loses head in riding accident | Stuff.co.nz

A British woman had to pick her own head up off the ground after badly breaking her neck in a horrific fall from a horse, according to reports.

The Daily Express newspaper reports that 26-year-old Thea Maxfield suffered a horrific "hangman's fracture" - a clean break of her upper cervical vertebra - after she was bucked six metres into the air in the accident.

After she fell off the horse Ms Maxfield tried to get out of the animal's way, but found that when her body moved her head stayed where it was.

She was forced to cup her hands around her head and lift it back into place to avoid damaging her spinal cord after her vertebrae shattered.

"I had to literally pick my head up and carry it in my hands. I didn't have much hope of a recovery," she told the newspaper.

Amazingly she can still walk.
Not so amazingly she is back riding horses.

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  1. Clearly the stiff upper-lip still has its adherents in this country.

    Not on the football pitch unfortunately where a dead-leg is enough to earn a few weeks off "work". It's a hard life for some people!


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