November 3, 2010

Canterbury Quake Live

According to this site we have now had 2493 earthquakes... So with the current numbers per day, we will make the 2500 mark tomorrow.
Really can't get my head around the numbers. Seems no time since we reached 2000, and I idly ondered if we might get 5000 by Xmas. Hopefully not.... But you can check the score on the Christchurch Quake Live site...currently quake3.crowe

Gisborne has had three shakes in the last two days..thoughts are with them.

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  1. Boy that's quite something. Have you got used to the aftershocks or do you still act as if another big one is on the way ?

  2. Thanks for your kind comment at my place. Glad to see your still blogging despite the Quake!

  3. I think it has altered forever our attitude to radios, torches,water supplies and where to run to Angus....and the larger shakes are still terrifying. We had a good 5 recently and we ran for cover, but mainly we just ride them out, possibly taking up the time we should be actually taking cover!

  4. Even now I'm back in NZ and they are on the news every day I can't get my head around what you are going through. It's certainly made me take stock of my own emergency arrangements. I've always been a 'prepared' person living in the Outer Hebrides where, years ago, one could be without power for days at a time but this is quite a different ball-game. You are in my thoughts.

  5. Wow! And I thought living in California was bad!


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