November 28, 2010

Postcards from November

This month has been filled with many wonderful events... two birthday celebrations, a visit from my brother, and award dinners for our graduating students. I can see these unfolding in my mind as a series of postcards.. full of great food, wine, shared laughs and family ties, against the sun, warm evenings and the beauty of the roses and blossoms that make up this amazing Christchurch Spring.

And thank you to Jaz and Mark and the girls for my gorgeous new birthday necklace, and Libby for the jacket - so spoiled  :)
The month will also be remembered for the tragic loss of the 29 miners in Greymouth. 

Please take a moment to listen to this poem. I can't say it better than Gary does..

I might not have blogged much lately but I have certainly been busy. I see that my next blog post will take me to the nice round 400 stage... it has been a great journey.


  1. Thank God, you're ending the year with fun & laughter Fi. Wonderful sad about the miners. xxx

  2. Forgot to look so glam!


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