November 9, 2010

Swans with cygnets at Peacock Springs

Today, while taking the vet nursing students around Peacock Springs on our wonderful annual tour, for the first time I have seen a swan sitting on her nest with her cygnets. Only ever managed to see them as an empty nest or swimming with the babies... so this was a real treat. It stretched the limits of my phone camera, but luckily the others with me got some clear pics. We couldn't get any closer - father swan was not happy at us being as close as we were....

We also had some fun with another protective male swan . My partner got some great shots of him, with us all laughing at him from a safe distance, cameras ready for some funniest home video action! Apparently this bird likes to take on the work utes!

Such a beautiful place... on a perfect day.

 To read more about their conservation of endangered birds and see more pictures, just visit my last post on them when we visited in 2009 :)


  1. Is it possible for babies, whether sygnets or puppies, to not be adorable?
    Swans kind of terrify me, to be honest, but I'd love to cuddle with one of their cygnets. So fuzzy!

    Thanks for sharing these photos. A beautiful day indeed.

  2. put a few more pics up at

  3. I never heard of Peacock Spring before Have to check out where it is. The photos are amazing
    Untill now I have seen a lot of black swans probably because we went a lot past Lake Ellesmere. Where I lived in Holland there were heaps of white ones. I didn't dare to come close for a long time because one chased me as a child.
    I think they are beautiful though. ave a nice long weekend Aroha Marja


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