December 6, 2010

23 seals clubbed to death in Kaikoura | NATIONAL News

The Department of Conservation is condemning the brutal killing of 23 seals, including eight newborn pups, on the Kaikoura coast.
The Department is calling for public help to identify those responsible for the violent attack. New Zealand fur seals are protected by law and it is an offence to kill or harm them.
The bashed seals were found at the Ohau Point seal colony, about 22 km north of Kaikoura township. Some of the pups killed were just a few days old. The dead seals also included 13 females and two bulls. Other live seals have injuries that suggest they were also struck.
I hope that spreading the word will help identify the cowards that see this as sport. So sad.


  1. This is awful ...I hope and pray they find the cowards who committed this horrible crime.

    Your pal, Pip

  2. People often hear about the seal hunt in part of Canada. What they rarely hear is that in the area where it happens it is a balance of nature thing. The seals feed of Cod which in this part of the country is the only industry. The Cod fishery. When the seal hunt is banned ( and it has been at times ) the seals overeat the cod and end up starving. Though it is never shown in the media for the last couple of decades seal hunts are supervised by the Department of Natural Resources. There is a ban on Cod fishing and an area though lower in population but larger than New Zealand where the entire population if forced to live on welfare as a result.

    It is not a result of introducing a non native species ( like rabbits in Austrilia ) but of over fishing before we knew better. The seals ended up starving and diseased. Despite our Governments attempts to keep the cod fishing banned other countries fish those waters and unlike the US our Coast Guard is unarmed. ( If naval vessels are in the area they are arrested and ships confiscated but our Navy is not large ).

    It is a definite problem, for people and animals alike. For a few hundred years there was not a problem, until the seal hunt bans. Now it may be generations till a balance is restored. Human Generations.

    I am not a hunter by any means. I have the skills but as I have the means to feed myself with farmed products there is no need supplement my diet by hunting. Nor is my income dependent on hunting or fishing. In the area of the seal hunt that is pretty much the only means of earning a living.

    As none of the species in the area are endangered a permanent ban is not being considered. The alternative would be to ban Humans from living where they have since well before Canada became a country.


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