December 20, 2010

Dog died trapped in hot car - national |

Please remember everything takes longer than you think it will. Children, dogs... Hot days.
Poor dog. It was soooo hot here on Saturday we could barely move, let alone sit in a hot car. Some owners have no brains.

A dead dog was found harnessed and muzzled in a locked car at a Christchurch shopping mall on Saturday.
The dog was left in the car on the hottest day Christchurch has seen this summer, with the temperature peaking at 33.4 degrees Celsius.
The pomeranian dog was left in the sun, harnessed to a seat belt and tightly muzzled, at the top level car park of The Palms shopping centre in Shirley.
A member of the public saw the dead dog in the car, frothing at the mouth, and alerted mall staff.
Geoff Sutton, Canterbury SPCA manager, said it was an avoidable and frustrating tragedy.
"The issue is bloody simple, do not ever leave a dog in the car when you go shopping," he said.
"Everytime it happens it is one too many. But the answer is simple, no ifs or buts, just don't do it."
The SPCA have the dog's body and are investigating the incident.

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  1. Disgusting.

    I may not show Molly this post now. When she's older and a car and pet owner, for sure though!!


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