December 2, 2010

Govt bows to public pressur,; bans sow crates early | NATIONAL News

New Zealand leads the way again with this great news. Still going to take years before it happens and really hope that people will support this by buying the right meat, not the cheap imports from countries that continue to keep their sows penned all the time, not just for the four weeks after giving birth!
Do you know where your pork and bacon comes from?

The government has bowed to consumer pressure and will phase out controversial sow stalls two years earlier than planned.
A new code governing the welfare and treatment of pigs on New Zealand farms reveals the cramped gestation crates will now be gone by December 2015, rather than 2017.
Agriculture Minister David Carter released the new welfare code for the animals today and said New Zealand is now leading the way on pig welfare, with the support of the New Zealand Pork Industry Board (NZ Pork).

Use of sow stalls on New Zealand pig farms is to be limited to four weeks after mating, in 2012, and prohibited by December 3, 2015, Carter said.

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  1. Hey ~ You're right, it's great progress - but just thought I'd let you know we haven't really lead the way! Sow crates are already banned in the United Kingdom, Sweden and in some parts of the States and they are being phased out in Finland, Switzerland, the Netherlands and Denmark... actually, for New Zealand, we've been surprisingly slow on the uptake! None-the-less it is great progress :D


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