December 10, 2010

Puppy love | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

If we could decide on a name, I would share it with you....
But while we wait for her personality to show, she is just making do with "puppy"...
Best guess is Bichon x Cairn Terrier. Fingers crossed it means non shedding wool which also means regular clips, but she is an adorable little bundle of fur and much loved already.
She even gets to eat breakfast in bed with Dad.


  1. Squee! She is so cute. A bichon/cairn mix would be absolutely wonderful.

  2. Are there words to describe that degree of cuteness ?

  3. Oh wow! Such a cutie!! Congrats :) --Tammy

  4. A puppy at Christmas time!!!! Now that's gotta be good end of year therapy.

    He is cute, I can't wait for Molly to get up so I can show her!!!! xxx

  5. That puppy is so cute. I think you should call it Ollie. love Caitlin xx

  6. Only the hardest of hearts couldn't love her and agree that she's cute but breakfast in bed with Dad?! Oh dear.


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