December 10, 2010

Video | Simon's Cat: Santa Claws | Books |

Watched some kittens try and do this last night... Simon has captured it perfectly here.
Merry Xmas everyone! Starting to feel mildly festive.
We have a new canine addition to our own family.... bringing some love and cheer to the family in inimitable style! More later.....

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  1. Ha! Love it. Our two have stopped doing this now, they must think they are too old. When Lucy was a kitten she was so obsessed with the tree I actually bought her some decorations of her own to bat around the floor. It seemed to work!

    a new canine? tell more :-)

  2. I can't recall our cats ever showing any interest in the Christmas Trees. In fact I can't even recall our Christmas Trees. How sad is that?


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