January 29, 2011

Treacy Travels Jaz update day 6

Our last day, flying away tomorrow.
Can't imagine leaving but we are meeting other family at the airport to hand over the car and returning to our own lives and work for now.
We can review things as progress is made.
Really pleased with all the improvements. We just hope they continue steadily.
Do visit Jaz' s blog as Mark is doing a great job writing it
:) Just click on the Treacy travels link above

People rescued as Cyclone Wilma hits - national | Stuff.co.nz

Another cyclone weekend. Many roads closed. Landslides. Torrential rain overnight. On our way to the hospital through the debris. Sun finally peeking through.

January 27, 2011

Auckland update for Thankful Thursday!

This week has been a step learning curve for us all. We have learned many things, most of which we would all have preferred to leave out of our knowledge areas, but the staff of Ward 83, the High Dependency Unit, have been wonderful. In one of those two degrees of separation scenarios that we often joke about in New Zealand, the normal ward manager for the unit, who is currently doing a years research in the hospital,is the sister of my own work colleague at polytech and she has also been a fantastic source of answers for our questions.

Today has been hard for us all. As the initial shock wears off, the numbness goes too, and many more tears have been shed. The older girls have both been in to visit Mum. Very hard for them.

On a positive note, the speech therapist got Jaz to sing Twinkle Twinkle and a couple of other songs, although she cannot use her voice to speak. She can mouth numbers and form some words, and we can detect amusement, irritation and resignation like facial expressions, but much of it is fleeting and replaced by drowsiness. She can manage a hug for Mark and the girls, and pucker for a kiss. She even managed to kick Mark with her "immobile" leg and has moved her right arm. Little steps. We are aware that it will be a long, slow recovery. Whatever the biopsy shows, she will need a shunt inserted to prevent fluid pressure building up.

Leaving here on Sunday will be hard. Other family members will be flying north to help for a few weeks. People here are offering more help and I am sure things will be fine. Hard, but support systems will ensure things carry on and the family are not left alone.

It has been good to be here. Hot, wet, humid, crowded, tiring, scary, weird, sad.... but better than worrying from Christchurch.

No more pictures today...the ipad wont let me lol, but it has been fantastic to amuse Phoebe while we spend time at the hospital!

Sad to be away from home tonight as there is a coroners pre inquest meeting about Arch's death tomorrow morning and I wanted to go with the children, but hopefully I can get to the main inquest in Ashburton later in February. Another unresolved grief.

We miss Poppy too. Seems ages since we saw her, but she is being beautifully looked after by my friend and I am not worried about her.

Thank you for all your messages. They are very much appreciated.

Mark will be updating Jaz's blog tonight... do visit to learn more.

Good night

Scott feeding the birds in Auckland Domain outside the hospital.

Jaz was able to sing nursery rhymes today. Can't talk yet but eating and more responsive:)

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January 26, 2011

Treacy Travels: Update on Jaz

Jaz has had a really tough time. Her operation on Monday did not go to plan, she had troubles with a blood vessel close to her brain tumor that started to bleed. It has caused what they have said in basic terms a stroke.

With the problem blood vessel, the trauma from the operation and now a build up of fluid she is unable to speak or move her right hand side.

I spent some time with her this morning along with Caitlin and today she smiled and gave us both a teary one armed hug.
It was hard for Caitlin seeing her like that but I think she needed to see one of her girls. A reminder from me that she has an awful lot to get better for.

My beautiful wife and mother to my girls is still in there trying to get out. It is incredibly hard seeing her like this but at this point in time there is nothing more we can do but wait.
The future will probably bring us another 5 or so weeks in hospital and then 6 months in rehabilitation depending on how badly she has been effected.

We are still in Auckland, just taking one day at a time.
Mark's words say it all.
One day at a time.
Just doing what we can.

January 24, 2011

Miss "Perfect" demolishes chicken legs

Phoebe making short work of her dinner.... Jaz is out of theatre and in recovery. The sun has finally come out too. Many things to be grateful for tonight

January 23, 2011

Auckland surgery update - Sunday

After hearing on Tuesday that Jaz, Phoebe's Mum, was finally having her unwelcome brain mass removed on Monday, we booked flights, left Poppy with a friend, and came north to take over the children for a few days. My daughter flew home from three weeks in Thailand on Thursday, so she can house sit with my son; we celebrated my father's birthday Friday night, and arrived up here on a bumpy, rollicking flight yesterday. Hardened aftershock survivors we might be, but the flight was not pleasant at all.

We have arrived to torrential rain, http://www.stuff.co.nz/national/4571700/Roads-close-as-heavens-open
( and thanks GB for this rain radar pic...)

but so far, the house has not slid down the hill, we made it out the slippy driveway, just, and now the rain has eased a little. At lunchtime Jaz and Mark left for the pre-op checks in Auckland hospital, staying overnight for the early start for the first-on-the-list surgery tomorrow....so the "distractions" from my previous post were to make the parting a tiny bit easier for Jaz and the girls... shopping at the mall, new toys, ice creams and watching "Tangled" have worked for the first three hours.... and now Phoebe is asleep.

Our thoughts are with Jaz as she prepares for a huge and scary week. At least we can try to take some of the worry off her shoulders but I know leaving the girls today was particularly hard... mother's everywhere will relate to that I know. Tears and hugs.
You can read about her journey on her own blog. Start here and work back.. http://treacytravels.blogspot.com/2011/01/see-you-soon.html
I will of course try to keep you posted regularly.


Taken at Whangaparaoa Shopping Plaza

The girls :) Auckland

January 11, 2011

New Zealand's Next Top Model Mocks Animal Cruelty Fetish | Animals

I was recently made aware of a distasteful site on Facebook in which tortured animals were pictured. I think it is the most appalling thing I had ever seen. Many of us complained and it was shut down within an hour or so. Some of the pictures were "crush" pictures. They involved a cat and a pair of high heels. This distateful fetish was not one I was aware of, but since then Obama has banned these videos in America. So tonight I was upset to read that a NZ show is associated with this type of imagery and hope that you will come to this web page and sign the petition to ban this ad.
Thank you

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January 6, 2011

Mysterious bird deaths explained - Yahoo! News

Wonder how often big firework displays cause this....
Wonder if the other bird death saga in America is the same reason?
Now, how to explain all the dead fish on our Coromandel coast...

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Monkey gets VIP medical treatment | Stuff.co.nz

Lovely story about Doyle.. Love the picture. It is particularly special because the finger belongs to Angelina, who was one of our past students, and the technician in charge of our pets animals at work, now a permanent veterinary nurse at The Nest, Wellington Zoo.
Moments like that make the job worth it.

January 3, 2011

Perfect summer break

Been on holiday for nearly three weeks.... and it is bliss. Particularly now that the rush of Xmas is over and the weather is hot and dry; too hot, but in the awareness of a frozen northern hemisphere and people shivering, I will just say that darkened rooms and fans on full are helping us cope in the absence of an air con unit. After having our post quake chimney removed, we might be eligible for a free heat pump instead of having it rebuilt, so fingers crossed. Anything to keep power bills under control would be great.

We had a lovely family Xmas, despite the earthquake swarm on Boxing Day, followed by a quiet but fun New Year, just enjoying the break with no issues... no resolutions either! A stress free and relaxing time.

The family are well. My daughter is in Thailand with her friends - if she is hotter than we are here today, she can keep it!  Love the way they are all colour coordinated.

James and Jess went to Nelson Lakes and tramped for a few days - missing some heavy rain and getting four days of perfect weather.

Phoebe's family are making the most of an Auckland Xmas ... you can see all their photos on their blog
See Xmas:  http://treacytravels.blogspot.com/2010/12/treacy-christmas-2010.html
or for them all :) http://treacytravels.blogspot.com/

Poppy has settled in now and is a bundle of energy and love.  Our house appears to have toddlers living in it again, strewn with toys and chewy things, but the toilet training is going well!

New Brighton Beach

Today we escaped the heat with a drive over to Lyttelton Harbour, enjoying the air conditioning in the car.

The beaches were all hot and packed and of course, no dogs allowed, but finally, we found the ideal spot to take Poppy for a walk, safely, by the river; cool, shady and inviting...at Horseshoe Lake,  right across the road from our house, so we went home and got Jessie as well. While walking, we scared something into the water... I thought it was probably a rat at first but it was actually a red eared slider turtle.. floating tantalisingly just out of reach before diving away. Someone must have got tired of their pet... but releasing it into the local waterways is not fair on the turtle either.

I will leave you with Poppy pix....  which are hard to get as she is rarely still, and in most photos looks like a small black mop if you can't see her eyes.

Happy New Year to you all.


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