January 27, 2011

Auckland update for Thankful Thursday!

This week has been a step learning curve for us all. We have learned many things, most of which we would all have preferred to leave out of our knowledge areas, but the staff of Ward 83, the High Dependency Unit, have been wonderful. In one of those two degrees of separation scenarios that we often joke about in New Zealand, the normal ward manager for the unit, who is currently doing a years research in the hospital,is the sister of my own work colleague at polytech and she has also been a fantastic source of answers for our questions.

Today has been hard for us all. As the initial shock wears off, the numbness goes too, and many more tears have been shed. The older girls have both been in to visit Mum. Very hard for them.

On a positive note, the speech therapist got Jaz to sing Twinkle Twinkle and a couple of other songs, although she cannot use her voice to speak. She can mouth numbers and form some words, and we can detect amusement, irritation and resignation like facial expressions, but much of it is fleeting and replaced by drowsiness. She can manage a hug for Mark and the girls, and pucker for a kiss. She even managed to kick Mark with her "immobile" leg and has moved her right arm. Little steps. We are aware that it will be a long, slow recovery. Whatever the biopsy shows, she will need a shunt inserted to prevent fluid pressure building up.

Leaving here on Sunday will be hard. Other family members will be flying north to help for a few weeks. People here are offering more help and I am sure things will be fine. Hard, but support systems will ensure things carry on and the family are not left alone.

It has been good to be here. Hot, wet, humid, crowded, tiring, scary, weird, sad.... but better than worrying from Christchurch.

No more pictures today...the ipad wont let me lol, but it has been fantastic to amuse Phoebe while we spend time at the hospital!

Sad to be away from home tonight as there is a coroners pre inquest meeting about Arch's death tomorrow morning and I wanted to go with the children, but hopefully I can get to the main inquest in Ashburton later in February. Another unresolved grief.

We miss Poppy too. Seems ages since we saw her, but she is being beautifully looked after by my friend and I am not worried about her.

Thank you for all your messages. They are very much appreciated.

Mark will be updating Jaz's blog tonight... do visit to learn more.

Good night


  1. Fi, another strengthening hug from Finland! You continue to be in my thoughts and prayers.

  2. Ironically the Taupo earthquake woke me at 0402 here in Napier and I read this post. I've re-read it a number of times since then - each time hoping, each time thinking what you are all going through. My most positive thoughts continue to be with you.

    Returning to the earthquake it made me realise just how awful the continuing aftershocks must be in Christchurch. I am a very heavy sleeper and yet a fairly small quake deep under Taupo woke me in Napier.


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