January 11, 2011

New Zealand's Next Top Model Mocks Animal Cruelty Fetish | Animals

I was recently made aware of a distasteful site on Facebook in which tortured animals were pictured. I think it is the most appalling thing I had ever seen. Many of us complained and it was shut down within an hour or so. Some of the pictures were "crush" pictures. They involved a cat and a pair of high heels. This distateful fetish was not one I was aware of, but since then Obama has banned these videos in America. So tonight I was upset to read that a NZ show is associated with this type of imagery and hope that you will come to this web page and sign the petition to ban this ad.
Thank you

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  1. The petiton is at the following site:


  2. faster than you can say zip I'm on my way to add my b122222222222222 name and sorry that was Hound the American Short Hair cat girl expressing her concern on the keyboard. I think she wants to sign the petition, too! And so she shall!
    with hugs and concern


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