January 26, 2011

Treacy Travels: Update on Jaz

Jaz has had a really tough time. Her operation on Monday did not go to plan, she had troubles with a blood vessel close to her brain tumor that started to bleed. It has caused what they have said in basic terms a stroke.

With the problem blood vessel, the trauma from the operation and now a build up of fluid she is unable to speak or move her right hand side.

I spent some time with her this morning along with Caitlin and today she smiled and gave us both a teary one armed hug.
It was hard for Caitlin seeing her like that but I think she needed to see one of her girls. A reminder from me that she has an awful lot to get better for.

My beautiful wife and mother to my girls is still in there trying to get out. It is incredibly hard seeing her like this but at this point in time there is nothing more we can do but wait.
The future will probably bring us another 5 or so weeks in hospital and then 6 months in rehabilitation depending on how badly she has been effected.

We are still in Auckland, just taking one day at a time.
Mark's words say it all.
One day at a time.
Just doing what we can.


  1. You are all in my thoughts, all day long. xxxxxxx

  2. Stay strong. Thank heavens for family.


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