February 25, 2011

1 Minute After The Christchurch Earthquake - 22 February 2011

Truly stunned to see this. The area shown in this is very close to my own workplace. Many of the buildings in rubble are places we hang out in regularly. The damage is so bad it took me a while to realise what area or buildings I was looking at!

I am now wondering how many students might be caught in the area, or hurt by the rubble. As no "missing" lists have been published, I can't even work that out. I sent my new class off an hour before it hit... I know many of them went straight home, but many might have wandered up here towards town.

With no power it is hard to keep up with it all. We miss tv :(
My daughter has headed to Dunedin to visit friends... tired of it all.
My eldest son and his wife came over today for a while and now my youngest son has headed back over there - while I will try and visit a friend to do a load of washing and recharge phones ... our dinky new 950w two stroke generator is saving the tropical fish but is not up to running a washing machine. We have water - but still can't shower or wash clothes...

One of my students has also put a short video together - will see if I can post that too.

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