February 26, 2011

Christchurch Recovery Map and an update

Go to this interactive site to see hazards and recovery in your area. They need volunteers to enter data too. Check out the site. eq.org.nz

We have not had power since Tuesday - so we have been invited to friends out of town today for a shower and roast meal. Bliss. Another friend has helped with doing washing and recharging things. The Salvation Army were dropping off food parcels in our street yesterday! Somehow I actually feel like a victim of sorts for the first time now.

As the prospect of being part of the 20% with no power for a long time looms up on us we managed to get a wee two stroke generator yesterday though so have saved our tropical fish tank - if I am lucky my partner will let me use it for the fridge! At least we can recharge phones and run the modem - which we appreciate as we have no tv to see.

The queues at the supermarket put me off shopping yesterday and as we have now lost all the contents of both freezers, we are just making do now. My days of prawns and sirloin steak are over... beans and rice and pasta await. We won't starve at least.

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  1. Don't know whether you're able to access comments; notice you were still posting from your email, if we read it correctly. We've been following the news of the quake and praying for you all. Glad no one in your family was hurt; sorry to see your post about the loss of a former student. The news cycle moves on and you may think you're forgotten. You're not.

    Hope you get your potable water back soon. And your electricity. Amazed the gas lines weren't ruptured, but it's good to have gas if that lets you cook and have hot water. Don't imagine you need to be able to heat the house now. Hope quakes are covered under your homeowners insurance.

    Jed & Abby


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