February 2, 2011

Cyclone Yasi: North Queenslanders bunker down | Stuff.co.nz

Watch a timelapse video of Cyclone Yasi heading toward Australia:

- Brisbane Times with AAP

I can only begin to imagine what this storm is going to do to Queensland towns and cities in it's path. ... the fear ahead of this to stock up on food and water and other essential supplies and ride it out must be enormous.
At least we didn't know the earthquake was coming.... i am scared just watching this.
My thoughts with Australia tonight.

We have the inquest into Arch's accident approaching.. the date has been delayed for months but will now be the middle of February. The coroner has suggested we all visit the crash site before it so we are taking a family trip on Sunday to check out the Mt Hutt Access Rd....a little light relief? I must plan some flowers to leave there too.

On a positive thought, Jaz is doing really well! They forgot to tell us they had actually removed a lot of the tumour successfully! Keep reading Mark's updates for news

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  1. Scary I heard 26000 people have to evacuate
    I am so happy that Jaz is doing really well. Bless you all. Arohanui marja


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