February 13, 2011

Fresh Layout; New Beginning

Had fun this morning exploring new templates and layouts... I feel a fresh start is needed. Perhaps the header picture will be changed soon too, but will let my in house web designer and artist do that.

Anyway, I hope you check it out on the real web page if you usually read it in emails or readers. I read heaps of blogs, nearly always on google reader and it is frustrating to have to click through to the real blog, sign in, enter strange anti spam pass words and hope the comment posts, but as many of you have spent time creating beautiful pages, it is nice to appreciate the colours and layouts and see it the way you want us to.

Angus (http://wilfanddigby.blogspot.com/commented on my blog yesterday... "what a year you have had".  So true.... I wish it was over! Too many losses and dramas floating around with accidents and earthquakes and cancer and operations... but really, I am floating along in the outer circle of it all, rather numb, here in person, but for self preservation often feeling almost detached, tired and finding it hard to focus.   Last weekend, on the advice of the coroner,  we visited the crash site... on the hottest day this summer we drove out there and stood on the edge of the mountain. Hot wind and sun; dry dusty road scattered with small rocks. The long grass softening the cliff face where the car rolled off, just a short distance before disappearing away to the left. The full scale of the distance travelled only apparent as we looked across from the next gully.
This picture was from the Ashburton Guardian. Click on it to enlarge it.

Last week, standing on the edge...
Looking back across last week

Next week we have the inquest in Ashburton; it hangs over us all. Nothing will change the outcome but it might offer some answers and prevent this happening to others.

So some good things have happened too. Jaz is in a rehab centre and been home for the weekend...
Unimaginably huge steps in three weeks!
She wrote a poem today. You can read it at: http://treacytravels.blogspot.com/2011/02/sink-or-swim.html

We saw the Christchurch Symphony Orchestra and the City Choir, and the NZ Army Band perform at Sparks in the Park... our special concert where we always celebrate our anniversary.

Thanks to the generosity of Polytech, I won double tickets and we got to go to Sting playing with the NZ Symphony Orchestra - thoroughly enjoyed the whole performance!

Saffy may be gone, but her rose is flowering and we still have Jessie.

Dear Poppy has taken over the household... with her shaggy wool, beady eyes, one ear up, one down look, she is adored by us both.  A ray of sun in our day.... a pile of chewed rubbish trailing behind her!

Her obvious relative is.Hairy MacLary 
taken from http://www.redmelon.co.nz/lynleydodd.html

The term starts again tomorrow for our part time classes; the following week for the full timers. So many new people to meet and the pleasure of some returning faces too.

Many thanks to the friends and family who have helped so much in the past months. If I seem a bit lost at times, sorry. There has been much to cope with. There still is, but we have coped and the work is done.


  1. Fabulous Fi and I don't think you've been too detached and floating around. I think if you were none of the people like Mark and Jaz would be so thankful for your input and help. Your kids are also very lucky to have a mum like you xo
    (oh and Poppy for putting up with her trash munching ways!)

  2. You had indeed a lot to deal with but I am sure things are looking up with Jaz coming home and that concert you went to must have been real cool. Classical sparks is the only thing I haven't visited yet but it must be great as well. The dogs are very cute. Take care

  3. I like your new template and layout: clean and light. Yes. Even those on the edge of your world like I am can see that you have had more than your fair share of angst and worry. I hope that things improve for you.

  4. I like the fresh new look. I hope life will improve for you all now Fi. lots of love xxxxxx

  5. i like this new layout too!
    hey, thanks for the message. i only felt bad i wasn't beside my dad's death bed when he finally closed his eyes. but i called him almost everyday and talk to him on the phone even when he could barely respond to me. my sister said before he silently slip away he called out my brother's name. that's when i know he is there beside him... waiting, to take him to heaven.


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