February 12, 2011

Treacy Travels: Hi...........I really am alive in here

Hi...........I really am alive in here

Hey.................its me. Really!!!!!

This will be short post. But one that has taken a while to write and is completely full of love and gratitude.

To my well wishers. A big thank you. Your love, words and gifts have been beautiful.

To my girls. Your mum will come back, little by little. Have faith.

To my best friend and husband. This is your greatest challenge yet. I am humbled by your love and dedication.

So much to say, not enough energy.
Love you

So happy to read this!!!!
Well done Jaz xxxx

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  1. BLOODY FANTASTIC!!!!!!!!! Well done Jaz, sending lots of love from the U.K. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  2. Never met you Jaz but you're an inspiration x

  3. What a year you've had. Stay strong.


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