March 8, 2011

Christchurch 1996 Quake Doco - why buildings collapse... sobering watching

Sadly, most of the buildings they are looking at have indeed collapsed and their words now sound prophetic.
The collapse of the 2 high rise buildings may well be attributed to the issues they are discussing.
Wish I didn't work in a six storey building.....

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  1. You're right--totally prophetic....and scary.

  2. I grew up in Christchurch the 70's knowing that if Christchurch had an earthquake the ground would liquify because of the city being built on 'bog' basically. It sort of amuses me that this 'revelation' is being treated like it's all knew.

    Surely i'm not the only one from my era to remember being taught that at school! I am only 48 after all LOL.



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