March 27, 2011

Christchurch rescue mission on Yahoo!7 Video

This video shows some of the terrible conditions faced by the USAR teams when they entered after the quake. We are indebted to many countries for their rapid response to send trained teams, and dogs, to search so many shattered buildings.

Hard to believe they describe "ground zero" as the area so close to my work. The route I drive each day... still can;t get my head round that, let alone the rest of the city.

Just had lunch out at Styx and Stones in Northwood with my son and his wife. Some normality... in a normal building away from any sign of potholes, silt, rubble or crushed vehicles.
Life goes on.

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  1. Thank God for people who do search and rescue.

  2. We couldn't get intelligible sound on the video. Glad there are places you can go for Old Normal respite and get a needed break from the New Normal. The entry on Quake Brain was quite on point. We call it Disaster Fatigue, but it's the same experience whether the disaster was an horrendous earthquake or a horrendous hurricane - or a nuclear meltdown.

    Jed & Abby


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