March 6, 2011

Cordon reduced in CBD

MAN'S BESTIE: Blair McConnell with his faithful guide dog Kiwi, who led him out of the Telecom building following the February 22 earthquake.

Lovely story :)

Today, some residents and business people are being allowed into the central cordon from 8am to retrieve personal things, cars, computers etc. Apparently the queue is growing very long already..not a surprise. My work is in the no go red zone so no access to laptops or backup drives.  With the work servers off line we are limited what we can do... Grateful for ipad and iphone at home. I think we are too close to the Grand Chancellor Hotel to be safe yet , but was also wondering what other buildings might still be a risk to the campus area, then realized that the risk might be because our high rise is still waiting for final engineers clearance. 

The public are also being allowed through to see the buildings in two of the outer sides after 2pm...  Already Seen some pictures of where my partner has been delivering meals and that has been enough for now.

Tried to get to the supermarket twice yesterday to get food but gave up on the morning attempt because of crowds and queues ( claustrophobic, anxiety inducing buildings under heavy concrete don't appeal right now) and later on, gave up in the slow traffic... Did manage to find chickens and veggies at The Mad Butcher and cooked roast chicken. Was a nice change from eggs and baked beans and pasta.. 

It has been a cold wet and shaky night.... might just quote from the morning paper at this point and save a bit of typing!


Police were closely monitoring several Christchurch suburbs in case of flooding.

Jumpy residents, frazzled by the death and destruction in their city and frequent aftershocks since February 22's 6.3 shake, suffered through seven more tremors in about three and a half hours from 7.34pm.

The quake at that time was 4.8, sharp enough and long enough to unsettle many people, and it was followed by shakes of 3.1, 3.8 and 2.9 at 8.59pm. After an hour and three quarters break, a 3.6 quake struck, followed by a 3.1 at 10.49pm and a 3.7 at 11pm.

Most were close to Lyttleton and at shallow and medium depths.

Heavy rain set in from the south overnight and about 10pm Christchurch's civil defence emergency management (CDEM) team warned the downpour could trigger slips or landslides on hillside areas.

CDEM told residents to be "vigilant".

Christchurch shared the nation's temperature high today at 26C but the temperature had plunged to 12C by 7pm as the cold southerly moved in to add to the misery of people coping with damaged or destroyed homes.

Today is our second day of being able to shower. Hot running water ! Low pressure, but hot!

Off to try again at a supermarket... Or maybe just the vege shop up the road....
Tea with parents today to celebrate a son's birthday this week.
Small things, but so good to be able to get together.

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  1. I imagine I wouldn't be relax or sleep with so many tremors occurring so closely together. I continue to pray for you.

  2. The situation still sounds awful with all those aftershocks going on. I can well imagine the hesitation to get into crowded places like a supermarket. Seems more like common sense than claustrophobia under those circumstances. You're still doing a really admirable reporter job. I can only wish and pray that the earth under your feet will calm down soon.


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